Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth in Annapolis & Calvert

Tooth Extractions

Skilled, Gentle and Comfortable Extractions

A focus of Dr. Schultheis’ practice is saving teeth, and she will do everything possible to accomplish that. However, there are times when a tooth is too severely decayed or damaged and cannot be salvaged.

We can take care of any extraction, including wisdom teeth, in the comfort of our office. Dr. Schultheis is highly skilled at providing gentle extractions for patients, using minimally invasive techniques and natural disinfection and healing agents. Our in-house oral surgeon, Dr. Jason Bae, expertly takes care of our more complex cases, and can extract wisdom teeth.

Gentle and Thorough Tooth Removal

tooth_pullOur doctors provide gentle tooth extractions that create little to no damage to the surrounding gum and bone. This is important to avoid a cavitation. A cavitation is an infected hole in the jawbone, a frequent problem if a tooth extraction is done inproperly. The doctors also ensure that all fragments of the ligament and bone resulting from the tooth extraction are completely removed. If these fragments are not removed, subsequent pain and post-treatment complications can occur.

Natural disinfection and growth proteins to aid healing

Our doctors use natural agents that are highly effective in preventing infection and making healing faster and more comfortable. Our doctors use colloidal silver and ozonated water to flush the area out after the extraction. These are both natural agents that kill the microorganisms that can cause infection or disease. They also use growth proteins and apply them to the tissues in the empty socket. These proteins speed up healing and increase the density and strength of new tissue.

We Ensure Your Comfort at All Times


We make sure you are comfortable during treatment.

Our doctors make your comfort a top priority throughout the procedure. To prepare for the extraction, they use a special anesthetic that greatly reduces any stinging sensation from the injection. To ensure your comfort in the dental chair, we provide neck pillows, blankets and noise-cancelling headphones. We also provide TV in your treatment room.

Our doctors can also provide oral or IV sedation, with the IV sedation administered by Dr. Bae. If you do not wish to use drugs for calming your nerves, Dr. Schultheis offers natural methods of relaxation, including natural supplements, teas, aromatherapy and cranial electrotherapy stimulation.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are the molars in the very back of your mouth that normally come up through the gums during your late teens or early twenties. If they do not have enough room to come in, or come in incorrectly, they can cause pain, crowding of other teeth, bite misalignment or damage to the jaw. If a wisdom tooth is starting to create such problems, or is positioned so it will create a problem in the future, it is usually best to extract them.

Our oral surgeon, Dr. Bae, performs all of our wisdom tooth extractions, including impacted and other difficult extractions. In some cases he might have you receive a dental 3D CT scan from our mobile scanning service. The scan provides 3D 360-degree views of the exact position of the wisdom tooth in relation to surrounding teeth and nerves. With this information he plans and performs the extraction so it is minimally invasive and comfortable.

Rebuilding Bone in the Socket for a Future Bridge or Dental Implant

Due to natural biological processes after a tooth extraction, the surrounding jawbone can greatly diminish in volume, causing a sunken area on your dental arch. This makes it more difficult to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant in the future, as dental implants need a certain amount of bone support to be stable. It also leaves a sunken area under a dental bridge that acts as a food trap, which can lead to bacterial infection.

Immediately after a tooth is extracted and the socket is fully cleaned and disinfected, our doctors can fill the empty tooth socket with bone graft material which will stimulate the regeneration of new bone tissue. The new bone will preserve the height and thickness of the arch where the tooth is missing, and will prepare the site for an immediate or future dental implant or dental bridge.

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