Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings in Annapolis & Calvert

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Remove Deteriorating Metals From Your Mouth and Reinforce Cracked Teeth

Amalgam “silver” fillings in your mouth can be unsightly, they contain mercury that can exacerbate certain health conditions and symptoms for some patients.

Many times these fillings are defective, cracked and have recurrent caries (cavities).

Dr. Schultheis provides removal of amalgam fillings using safeguards to prevent ingestion of filling material and decrease exposure to vapors produced when removing older fillings. This provides a healthier environment for the staff and our patients.

Dr. Schultheis is highly skilled and experienced in safe filling removal. Many patients come to her from out of state for this procedure. She can replace your old fillings with biocompatible porcelain or other biocompatible, non-toxic materials during the same visit.

Why Should Deteriorating Amalgam Fillings Be Removed?

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Amalgam fillings contain mercury and other metals. Mercury can be toxic to the human body and is known to have many adverse health effects.

If your doctor or physician believes you have mercury toxicity, and your fillings may be adding to this load, then you should consider safe removal and replacement with a more biocompatible material.

The material used for metal fillings is an amalgam (mixture) of mercury and other metals. Mercury is highly toxic to the human body and is known to have many adverse health effects.

Conditions that have been found to be related to mercury toxicity include autoimmune disorders, allergies, headaches, cardiovascular conditions, and neurological and mood disorders. Some people who are suffering from what they think are chronic conditions are actually suffering from symptoms that are caused by heavy metal toxicity.

Dr. Schultheis sees many patients with chronic conditions such as Lupus, MS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) and Lyme Disease who are being affected by the heavy metals in their old fillings. Removing these fillings can significantly decrease the toxic load on the body and be an important component of an effective overall treatment plan. For patients who suffer from systemic medical conditions, Dr. Schultheis closely coordinates with their physician to ensure optimum treatment.

Heavy Metal Testing

If you think you may be suffering from the effects of mercury fillings, come into our office for a heavy metal toxicity test. We can test your body for the presence of mercury and other heavy metals. Amalgam fillings may not be the only cause of metal toxicity in your body, but they can be a large contributing factor.

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Our Safe, Holistic Procedure

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We follow a strict protocol to ensure that the removal of your amalgam fillings is safe.

During the removal of amalgam fillings, Dr. Schultheis follows a strict protocol to avoid toxicity from heavy metal exposure and to prevent vapors and bits of filling from accidentally entering your system.

Before the procedure, we will give you heavy-metal-binding supplements, including activated charcoal, vitamin C, juniper berry and cilantro. After coating the tissues in your mouth, we will have you swallow the supplements so your digestive organs can also be coated and protected.

During the removal procedure, we use ample ventilation. You will wear a protective mask and gown, which is disposed of after the treatment. A rubber dam is used around each tooth that is being treated. The rubber dam fits snugly so that no pieces of filling can be accidentally swallowed. Dr. Schultheis has a special technique for removing fillings quickly so that your exposure time to vapors is minimal.

Replacing Your Fillings During the Same Visit

After your fillings have been removed, Dr. Schultheis replaces them with aesthetic, biocompatible crowns or fillings during the same visit. She uses tooth-colored, non-toxic porcelain and other dental materials that are not only safe for your health, but can also significantly improve the aesthetics of your smile.

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