Root Canal Treatment in Annapolis & Calvert

Root Canal Therapy

After an evaluation with Dr. Schultheis, she can tell you if a root canal is needed.

With Our Holistic, High-Tech Approach We Can Avoid Most Root Canals!

root canal diagramA root canal is a hollow area inside the tooth that houses a combination of nerves, blood vessels and soft tissue known as “dental pulp”. When these tissues become infected, pain, swelling and abscesses can result. If left untreated, the infection can spread into the jaw and can even lead to tooth loss.

The traditional treatment for this infection requires removing the diseased pulp and sealing the canal to prevent further infection (known as root canal therapy). This kills the nerve and the tooth is now dead in the mouth. Many studies have shown that root canal therapy can result in infection, as the dead tooth becomes a haven for bad bacteria, which can enter your bloodstream and cause health issues. Patients with systemic problems such as diabetes, cancer, autoimmune conditions or inflammatory conditions should not get root canals, because healing after root canal therapy is poor.

For 80 percent of those who see us to address the infection, Dr. Schultheis can avoid the need for root canal therapy by using natural agents to kill the infection and to heal and regenerate the pulp (nerves and blood supply to the tooth).

If a root canal is needed, Dr. Schultheis uses state-of-the-art technology and holistic methods to perform the root canal. This includes using strong, natural antibacterial agents to keep the root canal from becoming an area of chronic infection.

$279 Consultation for Second Opinion on Needing a Root Canal

Root Canal 2nd OpinionIf you’ve been told you need a root canal, come to our office for a second opinion from Dr. Schultheis. We can evaluate the tooth and determine if you actually need a root canal. We can also perform a test to see if a root canal would be the best option.

Take advantage of our special offer for a complete evaluation of your tooth and a consultation explaining the different treatments we provide for healing or saving your tooth. Your visit will include:

  • X-rays, as needed
  • Evaluation of the tooth
  • Health history
  • Consultation with the doctor

*The $279 fee will be applied to your treatment.

To make an appointment, call (410) 324-6271 (Calvert), (410) 324-6370 (Annapolis) or click here to request an appointment online.

Alternative Treatment to Root Canals

Dr. Schultheis tailors the treatment according to the severity of inflammation, infection and decay. Typically, she uses a combination of minerals, homeopathic and herbal remedies and a special root pulp protectant. Dr. Schultheis’ focus is to avoid a root canal. She has been able to help many patients save their teeth.

Symptoms of Root Canal Infection

Man with mouth in pain.The following symptoms could indicate a root canal infection. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact our office immediately to set up an examination.

  • Your tooth hurts when you try to bite down.
  • Heat and cold produce prolonged pain around the tooth.
  • There is spontaneous pain around the tooth with no easily traceable trigger.
  • There is a white bump on the gum line around the tooth – this is a sign of an abscess.
  • You have swelling around your gumline.
  • You feel tenderness at the bottom of the tooth root.

What is Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Diagram
In traditional root canal therapy, the doctor enters the infected canals through the top of the tooth. All the tissues in the canals are removed down to the bottom of the root and the canal is disinfected. The canals are then filled with a sterile rubber-like material to seal them up.

After the canals are sealed, a dental crown is placed on the tooth to restore function. A crown is usually necessary because a tooth that has had its nerves removed is no longer alive, making it susceptible to cracking or breaking.

Our High-Tech Root Canal Procedure

If you do need root canal therapy, Dr. Schultheis takes an integrative approach. She uses high-tech instrumentation and a combination of traditional and natural methods.

Advanced 3D imaging for accurate diagnosis and planning

When needed, Dr. Schultheis will obtain a 3D CT scan of your teeth and jaw. The scanner produces 3D 360-degree views of the tooth, allowing the doctor to accurately assess the extent of the infection and accurately plan the treatment.

Precision instrumentation for accurate, minimally invasive treatment

Dr. Schultheis uses a high-tech rotary instrument to gently and thoroughly remove the infected tissue from the canals. She also uses a special device to precisely determine where your tooth root ends. This ensures she removes all the infection in the canal without unnecessarily going beyond the end of the root.

Natural disinfection

Dr. Schultheis uses disinfectants and ozonated water to kill the infection in the root canal, and chelators to bind with and remove toxic substances from the canal. She also uses Chinese herbs and natural anti-bacterial agents to ensure all infection in the canal and any abscess is thoroughly eliminated.

Same-day new crown using in-office design and milling system

Crown milling machine.Using our same-day CEREC® dental computer-aided design and milling system, Dr. Schultheis fabricates a quality final porcelain crown to fit over the treated tooth. This enables her to complete the treatment in one visit.

To make an appointment, call (410) 324-6271 (Calvert), (410) 324-6370 (Annapolis) or click here to request an appointment online.