Implant-Supported Dentures in Annapolis & Calvert

implant supported dentures

Tired of wearing dentures? Or you would like a stabilized denture?


Dentures can slip and be uncomfortable. Your dentures can be stabilized with dental implants. Implants will prevent the dentures from slipping, enabling increased chewing power and comfort which, in turn, will allow you to eat the foods you want.

We provide three types of implant-supported dentures:

The drawbacks of traditional dentures

DenturesAcrylic dentures that rest directly on the gums have long been the solution for replacing a full arch of missing teeth, and until recently were the only choice available. Traditional dentures have distinct disadvantages, no matter how well they are made. They move around in the mouth, causing painful chewing sores and provide only minimal chewing power.

Wearing dentures also accelerates bone loss in the jaw that normally occurs when teeth are missing. This causes the dentures to constantly become loose as the bone keeps wearing away. The dentures will have to be relined and refit repeatedly. There comes a point when no denture can be made to fit well.

Implant-supported dentures provide increased stability and chewing power

Using modern technology, we eliminate these disadvantages by using dental implants to support dentures and anchor them stably in the mouth. Implants hold your dentures firmly in place, give them greatly enhanced chewing power and help to prevent bone loss in the jaw. Your dentures can be fixed onto the implants, or be fitted so they snap onto implants while still being removable.

Highly skilled and experienced implant dentists

3 doctors

We have skilled and experienced doctors to take care of all of your implant needs.

Dr. Schultheis has been placing dental implants since 2006, and has completed extensive advanced training to stay on top of the latest in technology and minimally invasive techniques. She also has two in-office dental specialists that enable her to provide top-quality implant-supported full-arch replacement teeth in the comfort of our office.

Dr. Jason Bae is an oral surgeon who has completed six years of advanced training in dental surgery after earning his dental degree. Our team’s combined expertise allows us to provide dental implants and top-quality full-arch replacement teeth for even the most complex cases.

$279 Dental Implant Consultation

If you are wearing dentures, or need all your teeth replaced, come see Dr. Schultheis for a full Dental Implant Consultation. She will give you a comprehensive oral exam and will let you know about treatment options for replacing your teeth using dental implants. Your visit will include:

doctor showing patient dental implant model

  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Digital X-rays
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Discuss treatment options
  • All questions answered

A $679 Value!
*The $279 fee will be applied to your treatment.

To make an appointment, call (410) 324-6271 (Calvert), (410) 324-6370 (Annapolis) or click here to request an appointment online.

Our Stable and Comfortable Implant-Supported Dentures

Our doctors use the latest 3D digital imaging technology in their diagnostics and treatment planning. We fabricate your new dentures out of the highest quality and most biocompatible materials, and craft your full-arch replacement teeth to exacting specifications so they are exceptionally comfortable, durable and aesthetic.

Below, you can see our implant-supported full-arch replacement teeth options. After a comprehensive exam and evaluation, the doctor will let you know which options are available to you and will explain their different benefits so you can make an informed choice.

New Teeth in One Day with All-on-4

original_upper_all_on_4We can place as few as four implants on your dental arch to support a new, full-arch set of replacement teeth that are firmly fixed-in and provide close to full chewing power. This is the All-on-4 procedure. The implants are placed at special angles. This makes it possible for most patients to receive full-arch fixed-in new teeth without the need for bone grafting. This includes patients with severe bone loss who would not have been candidates for implants in the past.

Your new teeth will have no false palate to dull your sense of taste and will look, feel and function very much like real teeth. And due to the technology that makes All-on-4 possible, we can usually perform any needed extractions, place all of your implants and have you walk out with new, functional replacement teeth—all in one day!

Learn more about All-on-4.

Implant-supported fixed-in dentures6-post-dental-implant

Some patients do better with implant-supported dentures using six to eight implants per arch. These teeth also provide nearly the same chewing power as natural teeth. Your upper teeth will have no false palate to inhibit your sense of taste, and the pressure put on the implants from chewing will help maintain the bone volume of your jaw.

Implant-supported snap-in removable dentures

snap-inAn economical alternative to fixed-in new teeth is the removable snap-in denture. Our doctors can place from four to six implants in your arch to support a new denture that is fitted with snapping attachments. The denture can be snapped onto the implants and removed any time for cleaning or other care.

A snap-in denture is retained firmly in your mouth and won’t move around. No messy adhesives are needed to hold it in place, there is no false palate in the upper denture to block your sense of taste, and your chewing power will be four times that of a traditional denture. You’ll no longer have to put up with the irritation and sores that result from a traditional denture rubbing against the gums.

Stabilizing your current denture

denture-stabilizationIn certain cases, we can take your current denture and place as few as two implants in an arch to help stabilize it. We will fit your denture with special attachments that will allow it to snap onto the implants. We will also take off the extra plastic around the top denture so you can fully taste your food. Your denture will then function similarly to the snap-in denture above and will have increased chewing power.

Come and See Us

If you are wearing dentures, or need all of your teeth replaced, come see Dr. Schultheis for a Dental Implant Consultation. She’ll give you a comprehensive exam, discuss treatment options with you in detail and answer any questions you may have.

To make an appointment, call (410) 324-6271 (Calvert), (410) 324-6370 (Annapolis) or click here to request an appointment online.