Dental Implants in Annapolis & Calvert


Minimally Invasive Dental Implant Placement

Implant vs. ToothA dental implant is a titanium or zirconium-ceramic post that is inserted into the jaw to act as an artificial replacement root for a missing tooth. Both titanium and zirconium are biocompatible, although patients with metal allergies can opt for zirconium.

An implant serves as the foundation for a dental crown, a dental bridge or a denture to replace one or more missing teeth.

Dental implants are the strongest, most lifelike and longest-lasting form of tooth replacement in dentistry today, and can last a lifetime if given proper care. They are also the only form of tooth replacement which prevents the bone loss that occurs as a natural result of having missing teeth.

Experienced and trained implant dentists

Minimally invasive technology

Dr. Schultheis has helped several thousand patients receive dental implants.

Dr. Schultheis has helped several thousand patients with implant dentistry. She has been placing implants since 2006, and has completed extensive continuing education in dental implants, including numerous courses at the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. She also keeps up with the latest developments in implant technology and biocompatible materials.

Dr. Schultheis has two in-house dental specialists that work with her to provide full-mouth dental implant replacement solutions, such as New Teeth in One Day. Dr. Jason Bae is a highly skilled and experienced oral surgeon. He completed six years of advanced education in dental surgery after earning his general dentist degree.

Together, our team can plan and provide full implant services and new teeth for even the most complex cases.

$279 Dental Implant Consultation

If you have missing teeth, or broken-down teeth that need to be replaced, see Dr. Schultheis for a Dental Implant Consultation. Dr. Schultheis will ascertain if an implant is the best solution for you. Find out more about how dental implant treatment works. Your visit will include:


  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Digital X-rays
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Discuss treatment options
  • All questions answered

A $679 Value!
*The $279 fee will be applied to your treatment.

To make an appointment, call (410) 324-6271 (Calvert), (410) 324-6370 (Annapolis) or click here to request an appointment online.

Our Dental Implant Services

We provide several different implant options to replace one, or multiple, missing teeth.

  • Individual implant

    shutterstock_223292056-copyTo replace a single missing tooth, the doctors place an implant and top it with a dental crown.

  • Implant-supported bridge

    implant-supported-bridge-RightFor several missing teeth in a row, the doctors can place multiple implants to support a dental bridge. They can also place a series of implant-supported bridges to replace a full arch of missing teeth.

  • Implant-supported, removable snap-in dentures

    implantsupporteddentureslargeTo replace an entire arch of teeth, the doctors can place between four and six implants on each arch that will firmly retain a denture in place using special snapping attachments. The denture will have no false palate in the upper arch blocking your sense of taste, will not slip around in your mouth and will provide up to four times the chewing power of a traditional denture.

    Learn more about our implant-supported dentures.

  • Implants to stabilize your current denture

    implants2In certain cases, the doctors can place as few as two implants on an arch and fit your current denture with special attachments that will allow it to snap onto the implants. Your denture will function similarly to the snap-in denture above, and will have increased chewing power.

  • New Teeth in One Day with All-on-4®

    original_upper_all_on_4smallWith the cutting-edge All-on-4 procedure, we can provide most patients with full-arch fixed-in new teeth that provide almost full chewing power, using only four implants per arch. Because of the special angle at which the implants are placed, the need for bone grafting is eliminated for most patients, even for those who have suffered severe bone loss. We can perform any needed extractions, place all your implants and provide you with a set of new replacement teeth in a single day.

    Learn more about All-on-4.

  • Implant-supported fixed-in dentures

    denture-stabilizationFor patients who are not eligible for All-on-4 treatment, the doctors can place between six and eight implants on each arch to support a full-arch set of fixed-in new teeth that can only be removed by a dentist. These new teeth will provide nearly the same chewing power as natural teeth.

Our Dental Implant Procedure

Placing dental implants requires precision in diagnostics, planning and execution. Our doctors use the latest in technology to ensure that your treatment is comfortable and that you receive a stable, biologically friendly and long-lasting result.

Thorough diagnostics

Patient and X-ray machine

Your implant treatment includes thorough planning and diagnostics, including 3D X-rays as needed.

Our doctors begin with comprehensive diagnostics, which include complete digital X-rays, panoramic X-rays and, as needed, 3D imaging of your teeth, jaw and surrounding anatomy.

Dr. Schultheis will review your health history, including any health conditions or medication you are currently on, in order to safely plan your implant surgery.

Testing to ensure implant biocompatibility

Most patients have no adverse reaction at all to titanium implants, as titanium is highly biocompatible, as well as strong. Dr. Schultheis tests a small sample of your blood at a special lab to ensure you have no allergic reaction to titanium.

In the rare event the lab test reveals that titanium is not completely compatible with your biology, she offers lifelike and durable zirconium-ceramic implants that are the same color as natural teeth. Zirconium implants are also an option for patients who wish to have no metal in their mouths. The doctor will discuss your options and will explain the pros and cons of each.

Computerized treatment planning

Doctors planning on computer

The doctor uses the CT scan images in 3D implant planning software to map out your implant treatment.

When needed, the doctor uses the CT scan images in 3D implant planning software to map out the precise placement position, angle and depth of insertion for each implant. They also plan out any bone grafting that will be necessary to provide the support needed for your implants to be stable.

Surgical guides for accurate placement

When needed for multiple-implant placement, the doctor will create a surgical guide to guarantee maximum accuracy and efficiency. A surgical guide is a template that fits over the dental arch and indicates exactly where and at what angle the implants are to be placed. Use of the guide ensures that the implant surgery is an accurate, efficient and minimally invasive procedure.

Gentle extractions

When extractions are needed prior to placing the implant, the doctor extracts the tooth gently and in a manner that preserves the gum and bone. This prevents postoperative complications or discomfort, and lowers the need for bone grafting.

Expert bone grafting to provide adequate support

bonegraft1When the bone volume needs to be increased to support the implant, our doctors place a highly biocompatible bone graft material to stimulate the growth of new bone. This is often done at the same time the implant is placed. We use a bone graft material that is very well accepted by the body, removing the need to extract bone from another part of the anatomy, for most patients.

Same day extractions and implants

For many patients, the doctor can extract a tooth and place the implant on the same day, including placing any bone graft material needed to guarantee adequate support.

Growth proteins to accelerate healing


A centrifuge can be used to create growth proteins that help speed healing.

The doctor can take a small amount of your own blood and extract platelet-rich plasma to apply to the treated tissues after surgery. The plasma has growth proteins that accelerate healing and increase the density and strength of the new gum and bone tissue. These proteins also reduce swelling and inflammation, prevent infection and reduce post-treatment discomfort.

Same day temporary restorations

Implants need to heal for several months before you can receive a final restoration that will allow you to chew normally. For implants placed in a visible area of your smile, the doctor can sometimes place a functional temporary restoration that will allow you to chew. You will receive a cosmetic temporary restoration that places no pressure on the implant, but maintains your appearance.

We keep you comfortable


We ensure you are comfortable throughout your procedure.

Our doctors and staff take great care to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your procedure. For your comfort in the dental chair, we provide neck rolls, blankets and noise-cancelling headphones.

If you need extra help with anxiety, oral and IV sedation are available. If you do not wish to use drugs to calm your nerves, we offer natural methods of relaxation, including calming supplements, teas and aromatherapy. The doctor also provides cranial electrotherapy stimulation, a system which uses a tiny current to mimic the brain waves that occur when you enter a deeply relaxed state.

Smiling patient

Your final new teeth will be made out of strong, aesthetic porcelain that is very lifelike.

Your beautiful new teeth

Your final new teeth will be made out of strong, aesthetic porcelain that is very lifelike and has the same strength as natural teeth. They will be designed to blend seamlessly with your other teeth and fit comfortably in your bite. The doctor will place them and make any final adjustments needed so you are totally happy with their fit, feel and look.

Five year warranty on all porcelain restorations

All of our implant-supported porcelain dental crowns and bridges come with a full warranty. For more information, please contact our treatment coordinator.

Before & After Dental Implants

Patient Testimonial

jackie-testimonial“Their office is beautiful and Dr. Schultheis is professional, friendly and polite.

“Annapolis Green Dental has provided excellent, professional dental treatment for me during the past two years. Their office is beautiful and Dr. Schultheis is professional, friendly and polite. The staff are also friendly, efficient and helpful. I originally found the office online when I needed a dental implant, and I am thrilled with the implant I received. I would definitely recommend Annapolis Green Dental to anyone in the area.”


To make an appointment, call (410) 324-6271 (Calvert), (410) 324-6370 (Annapolis) or click here to request an appointment online.