Natural compounds can fight bad breath and prevent cancer

Bad breath

Quercetin is one of the most abundant dietary flavonoids with an average daily consumption of 25–50 mgs.[12] Flavonoids like Quercetin can prevent inflammation and cancer.  Quercetin can temporarily control or reduce malodor. and may reduce plaque, caries, gingivitis, periodontal disease, oral mucosal ulceration or oral cancer. The etiology of malodor involves many factors such as […]

Understanding Biological Dentistry: Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body

Biological dentistry graphic

Everybody knows that teeth are connected to the jaw, but did you know they’re also connected to the pancreas? Spleen? Brain? Every organ in your body, in fact. First and foremost, they’re connected by the bloodstream. And blood travels fast. When Dr. Ralph Steinman of Loma Linda University injected dye into a rat’s stomach, within […]

Why You Really Need an Sonic Toothbrush (and How You Can Get One for Free!)

sonic toothbrush

Your shoulder bone’s connected to your neck bone. Your neck bone’s connected to your head bone… And your head bone’s connected to your teeth. And your teeth are connected to everything in your body! Of course, your teeth aren’t bones. They’re white and heavy with calcium, but that’s where the similarity ends. Bone is mostly […]